Lao CSO Platform

Vision, Mission, Goals & Values


Lao CSOs work in unity and as good partners to all parties domestically and internationally with contribution to the implementation of the national socio-economic development plan – NSEDP.


  • Unify all Lao CSOs nation-wide;
  • Contribute to NSEDP, SDGs and all international treaties;
  • Coordinate, exchange lessons and experience, innovation, information, reports and disseminate Lao CSOs’ contribution to social and economic development.


  • Become an information center of Lao CSOs;
  • Develop effective and efficient management mechanism and coordination;
  • Support and communicate Lao CSOs’ contribution to socio-economic development.


  • Unity: Lao CSOs work in unity and support each other;
  • Participation: All stakeholders participate actively and progress together;
  • Equality: Equal treatment, respect, collaborate and listen to each other;
  • Transparency: Work with honesty, collaboration and cooperation;
  • Creativity: Focus on new innovation relevant to local socio-economic development plan with efficiency and effectiveness.