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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


Step into the world of AI with this free Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course. Get familiar with the basics of AI, NLP, and computer vision and comprehend neural networks and deep neural networks in detail.
What you learn in Introduction to Artificial Intelligence ?

tickFundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

tickNeural networks

tickBasics of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

tickFundamentals of Computer Vision

tickTasks involved in Computer Vision

About this Free Certificate Course

This introductory course on Artificial Intelligence is the best fit for beginners who wants to comprehend What Artificial Intelligence is from scratch. The free course starts by giving you an overview of AI and the domains it is directly connected to. Learn neural networks and understand how artificial neural networks are interconnected with biological neurons, and gain knowledge on deep neural networks. Understand Natural Language Processing (NLP) better with the help of sentiment analysis and chatbot examples.

Comprehend the basics of computer vision and understand various crucial tasks involved. Enhance your practical knowledge of AI and computer vision with the help of image classification, face recognition and video and traffic analytics examples. Complete all the modules along with a quiz at the end of this Artificial Intelligence free course and earn a free certificate of course completion.

Gain a deeper understanding of AI through Great Learning’s Best Artificial Intelligence Courses. Enroll in the course that aids your career development and earn a certificate of course completion.

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