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Child’s Dream Foundation Grant Program (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand)

Funding Description

The Child’s Dream Foundation is seeking applications for its grant program to ensure that children and young adults in the Mekong Sub-Region, affected by inequality, grow up to be healthy and have access to quality education and better employment opportunities.
Vision & Mission

  • Vision
    • Educated and empowered people responsibly shaping and sustaining fair, just and healthy societies for generation to come.
  • Mission
    • They design, implement, and partner to support education and health interventions for children and young adults.
    • Everything they do enables them to live empowered and self-determined lives as equal and active members of society, with the potential to became responsible leaders of change.

Grant Strategy

  • They address current and future needs in MyanmarLaosCambodia and Thailand related to the following eight strategic goals:
    • Building Schools & Other Educational Infrastructure
    • Improving Access to Basic Education
    • Improving Quality of Education
    • Providing Skills Training to Enhance Employability
    • Supporting Youth Development and Empowerment
    • Developing Future Leaders, Specialists and Entrepreneurs
    • Supporting Basic and Essential Health Care
    • Supporting Targeted Emergency Relief

Eligibility Criteria

  • The proposal:
    • supports people in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand (geographical).
    • supports children, youth or young adults still in education or communities facing emergencies.
    • supports health, education or emergency relief.
    • does NOT exclude beneficiaries due to their religiongender, sexuality, health or ethnicity.
  • If you plan to submit a grant proposal, please read our proposal guidelines first to make sure that your proposal is eligible and contains the necessary information. The proposal guidelines also outline how and to whom the proposal should be submitted.Proposals can be submitted to Child’s Dream throughout the year. Our Proposal Evaluation Committee (PEC) meets about six times a year.If you plan to submit a proposal for a Social Entrepreneurship Grant, please read the presentation and fill in our Social Entrepreneurship Grant application form. The full application must be submitted by email to