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Admin Officer

Organization Background

The Gender and Development Association (GDA) formerly the Gender and Development Group (GDG) and the Women in Development (WID) network, was formed in 1991. A collaboration of the Lao Women’s Union (LWU), UNICEF, with International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), the WID network focused on women and gender development issues in Lao PDR.

In 1996 the name of WID changed to the “Gender and Development Group (GDG)” in order to more accurately reflect the goals of the network. This includes focusing on both women and men in the area of development.

The new network required that an international organization provide GDG with an umbrella partnership to guide its development. This role has been undertaken by: World Education – from 1996 to 2000; CUSO Lao PDR –from 2000 to 2005 – and Concern Worldwide – from 2000 to 2007.

In 2012 GDG became the Gender and Development Association (GDA) as NPA in Laos PDR and operation permit issued on 12th January 2021, No 06/MoHA. Our current international umbrella partner role has been filled by Oxfam-Novib since 2008.


A lead and facilitation body for pursuing gender equality base on non-violence and gender-based discrimination to all area of development work in Laos’s society In collaboration with development partners, GDA will provide professional support and information on gender, and enhance cooperation with development partners toward gender equality


Gender and disability Inclusion, Law and Education, WASH and Nutrition, Agriculture and NTFP, Disaster and Climate Change Adaptation, Migration and Social Protection, Social Media, Community Development and Human Rights


Women, Children, Youth, People Living with Disability, HIV/AIDs, LGBT, Ethnic groups, Rural women and men


To provide professional support and information on gender development, and enhance cooperation with development partners toward gender equality.

Job Description

Tasks for office administration workers:

• Practice fundamental financial management, including handling the Treasury, managing daily cash flow, and preparing deposits for approval through both the Treasury and banks. Additionally, summarize reports for the head of the workforce.

• Establish administrative and financial procedures in compliance with the Association’s rules. Create a tracking system to record cash movement and manage documents according to the GDA policy.

• Plan the utilization of administrative funds each month, covering expenses such as bills, kitchen appliances, and office equipment.

• Coordinate team trips, managing tasks such as ticketing, preparing vehicles, and other related arrangements.

• Facilitate the team in sending and receiving documents, proposals to parties, and drafting other documents relevant to the Association’s work.

• Monitor the use of association vehicles, record applications and maintenance, and ensure compliance with safety protocols for the use of vehicles, computers, and other office assets.

• Collaborate with association employees to provide adequate financial management support to project teams and offer guidance on the association’s financial regulations.

• Participate in weekly employee meetings during the implementation of local activities, including project evaluation, follow-up, and implementation as proposed and agreed upon.

• Contribute to building the capacity of relevant staff by facilitating seminars and advising guests visiting the association or engaging in its work.

• Support the administration in making financial management more convenient and transparent.

• Ensure the safety of office employees and regularly report office logistics to the head of the workforce.

• Provide guidance to security personnel and cleaning staff.

• Monitor association entry and exit documents, including managing the association’s library during service periods both inside and outside the association.

• Prepare office insurance documents for employees and vehicles, facilitate employee health checks, and manage insurance-related expenses.

Applicant conditions:

• Possess qualifications or capabilities in finance or business administration.

• Have a minimum of 1 year of administrative experience.

• Demonstrate expertise in using MS Excel, Word, and Outlook applications.

• Exhibit awareness of the roles of men and women with disabilities.

• Possess coordination skills with state agencies and organizations.

• Demonstrate good communication skills in both English and Lao.

Application method: Submit application documents under the heading “Job Application – Admin Officer at GDA.” The document should include a biography/CV with certificates, a job application/cover letter (using the provided form), and identify two referrals. Send the documents to email and CC: Contact 021 417758 by Sunday, February 12, 2024. Selected candidates will be contacted for interviews with the team.