Lao CSO Platform

Consultancy to develop online teaching/learning materials

Organization Background


We inspire inclusive communities, where all vulnerable populations and marginalised groups are actively engaged in community-led health services and advocate for comprehensive health, rights and social justice for all.

Main Goal

Support national and global goals to end the epidemics by 2030, ensuring the appropriate involvement of communities and civil society, and respect for the needs and rights of key, vulnerable and marginalised communities;

  • Ensure that key, vulnerable and marginalised communities have access to nutrition and the mental healthcare services that they need;
  • Strengthen financial commitment by domestic and donors towards health, rights-based, gender-transformative and people-centred Universal Health Coverage;
  • Promote and ensure that empowerment, rights and gender approaches are integrated in all new and revised programmes, policies, and frameworks on health and development that affect the key, vulnerable and marginalised groups

Target Group

Young key, vulnerable population (KVP) who are living and affected by diseases including people Who Use and Inject Drug (PWUD-PWID), LGBTIQ, Sex Workers, Mobile & Migrant including ethnic and disability

Job Description

Background & Objective

The Lao Ministry of Health (Centre for HIV/AIDS and STI), in collaboration with the NGO CHIAs (Community Health and Inclusion Association), recently completed two essential manuals supported by IQVIA/Global Fund:

    • A Manual of Procedures for implementing community-based HIV programs (for management/supervisor level)
    • Reference Manual/Self-Study Manual for outreach workers, case workers, and service providers for HIV and STI services focused on key populations, specifically men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people.

The primary objective of this consultancy is to assist CHIAs in developing online learning and teaching materials derived from these manuals. The materials should be tailored to engage and educate individuals involved in community-based HIV programs, outreach workers, case workers, and service providers catering to MSM and transgender populations, as well as their supervisors/managers.

The teaching and learning materials will be used for a Training of Master Trainers planned for the second half of 2024, and be linked to a national certification system for outreach workers and case workers that will be piloted in coming years.

Scope of Work

The consultant’s responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

    • Reviewing the Manual of Procedures and Reference Manual thoroughly to understand the content, key messages, and target audience.
    • Supporting the design of the curriculum and contents for the Training of Master Trainers with inputs from CHIAs and CHAS
    • Developing online learning materials for the Reference Manual only, such as e-modules, presentations, infographics, videos, and quizzes based on the manuals’ contents.
    • For the Manual of Procedures, ensuring that the entire contents can be posted on the web, with links for each chapter/section.
    • Ensuring the online learning materials are interactive, engaging, and aligned with social media and marketing strategies to maximise outreach and user participation.
    • Collaborating closely with CHIAs team members, CHAS/MOH, FHI360, WHO, UNAIDS, PEPFAR, AHF and other key partner organisations to integrate their insights and feedback during the development process.
    • Providing recommendations on the best online platforms and channels to disseminate the developed materials effectively.


The consultant is expected to deliver the following:

    • Detailed work plan outlining tasks, timelines, proposed deliverables and milestones for the project.
    • Draft versions of online learning and teaching materials based on the manuals’ content.
    • Revised and finalized versions of all materials incorporating feedback from CHIAs and CHAS.
    • Recommendations on the dissemination strategy and platforms for maximum impact.

Qualifications and Requirements

The successful applicant should possess the following qualifications:

    • A background in social media, marketing, or related fields.
    • Demonstrated experience in developing engaging and interactive online educational materials.
    • Familiarity with HIV-related programs and services, particularly those focused on key populations such as MSM and transgender individuals.
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with the CHIAs team and key stakeholders (MOH/CHAS, FHI360, WHO, UNAIDS, PEPFAR, AHF).

Duration and Timeline

The consultancy is expected to commence on 15 February 2024 and conclude by 15 July 2024, with a total duration of 5 months.

Reporting and Communication

The consultant will report directly to Ms. Lattavanh Sengdala, the responsible project officer, at CHIAs and maintain regular communication to update progress, discuss challenges, and seek input as necessary.


The budget for this consultancy will cover fees, travel (if applicable), and other related expenses as agreed upon between CHIAs and the consultant.


Application Process

Interested consultants should submit the following documents:

    • Curriculum Vitae highlighting relevant experience.
    • Samples/portfolio of previous work related to developing online educational materials.
    • A broad, general proposal outlining the approach/methodology for this consultancy.
    • A proposed monthly consultancy fee.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on the consultant’s qualifications, relevant experience, proposed approach, and proposed consultan