Lao CSO Platform

Field Technical Agriculture Coordinator

Organization Background

SAEDA, the Sustainable Agriculture & Environment Development Association (formerly SAF, the Sustainable Agriculture Forum) is a non-profit civil society organization founded in March 1991 in Lao PDR. SAEDA is currently obtaining official registration as a non-profit organization. SAEDA works to support vulnerable communities by promoting sustainable agriculture practices, and improving their capacity and awareness to safeguard the environment with projects focusing on three main areas of intervention: Sustainable agriculture, Chemical Pesticide Risk Reduction and Biodiversity Conservation. There is a need to support 80% of the total population in Lao PDR which relies on agriculture for income. Close to 50% suffer from chronic malnutrition and 70% reside in rural areas with poor access to training and information. Low productivity, high input, biodiversity decreasing, low nutrition and environmental degradation are all common problems due to the low knowledge and skills about possible alternatives and best-practice techniques.

We envision a future for Lao communities with sustainable improved livelihood in food security and nutrition based on environmentally sound agricultural development.

We promote sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation through capacity development an income generation by using participatory approaches – empowering our poor communities composes on farmers, women, youth and ethnic groups.

1. Support Lao PDR to attain its Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) and implement it’s National Socio-Economic Development Plan & National Growth Poverty Eradication Strategy

2. Spread good practices on sustainable agriculture practices and share the appropriate technologies to improve productivity, health and income.

3. Develop the capacity of farmers, government, and extension workers on local, national and international level using participatory approaches

4. Support Farmer to Farmer Extension, farmer organization and linkages to network and fair markets.

5. Increase skills and access to appropriate tools and information.

Job Description

The Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Development Association (SAEDA) is collaborating with Care in Lao to implement the “Empowering Communities through Participatory Climate Action (WeAct)” program. The objective is to strengthen community engagement and create opportunities for sustainable agriculture in the Long District of Luang Nam Tha Province. We are currently seeking candidates to fill the position of “Field Technical Agriculture Coordinator” for a 28-month contract. The project will be based at the Long District Office in Luang Namtha Province.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Develop annual, quarterly, monthly, and individual activity plans in collaboration with project partners.
  2. Implement, promote, and cultivate agricultural activities and other project initiatives within the province.
  3. Target both urban and rural areas covered by the project.
  4. Collaborate with the SAEDA Vientiane Association, as well as provincial, district, village, and other relevant organizations.
  5. Monitor, inspect, and facilitate the progress of the assigned project.
  6. Provide monthly and annual activity reports to the department and partners as required.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in agriculture or a related field.
  2. Be of Lao nationality and aged between 25-40 years.
  3. Possess more than 3 years of experience in agriculture and rural development.
  4. Have prior experience working with the public sector, international organizations, or associations.
  5. Be proficient in computer applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Internet, and others.
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in English, both in speaking and writing.
  7. Residency in Long District will be advantageous.
  8. Be in good health and capable of working in remote areas.
  9. Exhibit a high level of responsibility, innovation, a willingness to learn, patience, excellent teamwork, and a strong understanding of development principles.
  10. Hold a valid motorcycle driving license.
  11. Be available to commence work in mid-September 2023.

Interested individuals are encouraged to submit a written application, including their salary expectations, along with a resume, declaration, work permit, criminal record clearance, census book/identity card, and any other relevant documents. Please combine all documents into a single PDF file and send it via email to:

The application deadline is September 10, 2023.