Lao CSO Platform

KAP Consultant

Organization Background


We inspire inclusive communities, where all vulnerable populations and marginalised groups are actively engaged in community-led health services and advocate for comprehensive health, rights and social justice for all.

Main Goal

Support national and global goals to end the epidemics by 2030, ensuring the appropriate involvement of communities and civil society, and respect for the needs and rights of key, vulnerable and marginalised communities;

  • Ensure that key, vulnerable and marginalised communities have access to nutrition and the mental healthcare services that they need;
  • Strengthen financial commitment by domestic and donors towards health, rights-based, gender-transformative and people-centred Universal Health Coverage;
  • Promote and ensure that empowerment, rights and gender approaches are integrated in all new and revised programmes, policies, and frameworks on health and development that affect the key, vulnerable and marginalised groups

Target Group

Young key, vulnerable population (KVP) who are living and affected by diseases including people Who Use and Inject Drug (PWUD-PWID), LGBTIQ, Sex Workers, Mobile & Migrant including ethnic and disability

Job Description

CHIAs is currently seeking a highly skilled and motivated KAP Consultant to conduct a survey in three districts of Vientiane province, Laos. The survey is an integral part of a project focused on eliminating the transmission of HIV, Hepatitis B, and Syphilis from mother to child during the antenatal care program. As a KAP Consultant, you will play a crucial role in assessing the knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to these diseases among healthcare providers and pregnant women.
How to Apply
Consultants who feel that they can meet the requirements above should submit their technical proposals to (, and . Submission should include the following:
1. Cover letter
2. Proposed plan of conducting the exercise, with clear description of the methodology and sampling procedures
3. Expected consultancy fee in Lao Kip with breakdown of costs
4. Updated curriculum vitae of the Consultant and all secondary staff (if any) involved to undertake the work, clearly indicating qualification and experience.
5. Commitment that the Consultant will be entirely engaged if consultancy is awarded.
The position is now available and ready to be filled. Candidates who apply quickly will have a better chance of being hired.
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