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Association for Promotion Preservation of Arts and Literature (APPAL)

House No 006, Thongsangnang Rd, Thongsangnang Village, Chanthabury District, Vientiane Capital, Zip code 01000, Lao P.D.R.


The Association for Promotion Preservation of Arts and Literature (APPAL) was established on July 7, 2014. The management board consists of 7 people and there are currently 25 members.

APPAL is a social organization that promotes culture in 3 sectors: literature, fine arts, and performing arts. The Society believes that culture is key to supporting sustainable social development by mobilizing innovative ideas, strengthening national unity, protecting national heritage, and encouraging students to develop themselves into a well-rounded new generation steeped in culture.

Since its establishment until now, the Association has conducted activities including:

  • Supplying books to libraries and reading rooms
  • Organizing training and reviews of art and literature
  • Publishing books for youth and children
  • Promoting activities at the Children’s Education Development Center (CED)
  • Organizing meetings with painters to develop their skills and create illustrations for books
  • Hosting dialogues between writers and readers

The association can carry out these activities because some members are writers, researchers, and painters with experience in publishing, organizing audits, holding seminars, and conducting art activities with children. In addition, there are national artists, outstanding artists, project leaders, and many cultural activists involved as supporters.

Some key projects before the association’s establishment:

  • The Sangsinxay poem recital and music project (2006 to present)
  • The childhood cartoonist project (collaborated with Children’s Foundation in Thailand in 2008)
  • The training program and production of picture books for youth (with ALC 2012-2013)

The results of these projects have helped give Lao art and literature a new social presence. The Society aims to enhance and expand these efforts sustainably into the future.

  • Economics, Information, Culture & Tourism
  • Education & Sports
Priority Areas: 
  • Vientiane Capital