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Bamboo and NTFPs Development Association

Address: House No 245, Phanxai village, Xamneua district,
Houa Phanh province, Lao PDR.
BNDA director; Mr. Khamphew ALOUNXAY
Email address:


Bamboo and NTFPs Development Association (BNDA) are initiated develop by local staff which currently supporting by GRET with co-coaching by GRET and GCDA (Lao NPA).

BNDA is a local NPA, which play roles of facilitation for bamboo and NTFPs management in sustainable way. BNDA has experience on bamboo value chains development and improving livelihood for the communities through collective learning process.

Bamboo and Non-Timber Forest Products Development Association (BNDA) was established in 2020 as a Lao local non-profit organization under Lao legal statutes of decree 238/govt. BNDA is composed of young professionals and village technicians who are technically skilled trainers coming from the villages. The BNDA has been created in order to support the capacity building of rural communities on sustainable natural resource management such as bamboo and NTFPs with value chain development for livelihood improvement and gender perspective inclusion.

Since 2014, BNDA staff have been working with GRET to support the bamboo and NTFP sectors for discussion of the long-term potential for the continuation of their support in the province. The most attractive potential which would allow local expertise to realize their collective vision was the development of a local non-profit association, designed to provide technical support and services on bamboo and NTFPs. Our strategy and vision are to be a professional BNDA organization in the bamboo and NTFP sector development for better communities. Along with the mission like 1) BNDA Organizational development, 2) Support and development of the natural resources (Bamboo and NTFPs) sector through strengthening the community on sustainable forest management ways and scale-up livelihood improvement, and 3) Empowering women, youth, and people with disability by gender mainstreaming.

Since 2017, these staff along with new Lao colleagues initiated the process of NPA registration while collecting experience through supporting the development of Bamboo and NTFPs value chains in more than 80 villages in 7 districts as Xamneua, Viengxay, Sopbao, Xamtai, Hiem, Koune and Huamueng in Houaphanh province. This experience includes sustainable forest management plans, forest monitoring, and bamboo plantation skills through a bottom-up approach by using the learning cycle process tools in working with communities and stakeholders. BNDA staff as part of GRET project to learn on GALS tools during HI-EU UXO project (2018-2020)


Professional organization in bamboo and NTFP sector development for better communities.


  1. Support and develop the natural resources (Bamboo and NTFPs) sector through strengthening the community on sustainable forest management, and scale-up livelihood improvement of the communities through bamboo and NTFPs value chain developments.


Respect, creative learning, transparency, participatory, balance, and sustainability.

BNDA focus on 3 main task as follow:

(1) Capacity building for local communities on bamboo forest management and develop the bamboo and NTFPs value chain with integrated gender mainstreaming;

(2) Facilitate for job creation at local communities level;

(3) Develop a local knowledge together with multi-stakeholders integrated of service providing with experience based.

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Rural Development
  • Environment
Priority Areas: 
  • Houaphanh