Lao CSO Platform


People With Disabilities Development Association of Xiengkhouang

Unit 14, House No:235 Phongamtai Village, Paek District Xiengkhouang Province, Lao PDR



Society recognizes the rights of PWDs, PWDs access to education, health, sustainable natural resources, and helps PWDs to have equal rights, social inclusion, and living in a good quality life.


Ensuring equal rights, participation, restoration of quality life, and access to all forms of services in society through the promotion process, capacity building, and community cooperation in the development of PWDs

Main Goal:

Strategic goal 1:

Promote people with disabilities to have access to human rights, and vocational training to develop an equal life in society.

1.1 Objectives:

  1. Promote people with disabilities to develop their lives on an equal footing with others in society through advertising, raising awareness, and creating new awareness about people with disabilities.
  2. Respect the right of people with disabilities of their earning lifestyles, to participate in all activities equally.
  3. Encourage people with disabilities to fully participate, effectively and receive equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of political, economic and social decision-making

Strategic goal 2:

Encourage community ownership in education work at each level to ensure that all parties participate in the development of the education of PWDs

2.1 Objective

  1. Promote develop the quality of co-education, support education and sports[1]physical activities specifically for the disabled to ensure that all parties participate.
  2. Improve and build facilities at educational institutions to facilitate access for the disabled people.

Strategic goal 3:

Facilitate on access to health services for the community and PWD in all forms.

3.1 Objective

  1. Promote nutrition and hygiene for the good health of everyone in the community.
  2. Publicize policies to prevent, heal, restore the body and mind of those who have suffered from accidents or the effects of unexploded bombs.
  3. Promote disabled people to access the services of prosthetics, speech aids, hearing aids, navigation aids

Strategic goal 4:

Promote participation of the community in the restoration, conservation, and protection of natural resources and the environment including the sustainable use of the ecosystem.

4.1 Objective

  1. Promote the capacity of gender in planning and managing the use of natural resources and the environment in a green and sustainable manner.
  2. Promote the participation of people with disabilities in agricultural work for the community.
  3. Promote the participation and inclusion of disabled people in disaster management.

Strategic goal 5:

Strategies development organization

5.1 Objective

1 Develop personnel by building capacity, training various skills along with sharing lessons with partners and the communities.

Year of establishment:

24th November 2020

Target Group: 

Normal people and individuals with physical, visual, hearing, speech and intellectual disabilities, memory and etc.

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Rural Development
  • Education & Sports
  • Environment
  • Labour, Disability & Social Protection
  • Public Health
Priority Areas: 
  • Xiengkhouang