Lao CSO Platform


Village Lead for Disaster Association

06 Unit, Ban Nabo, Thakek district Khammuan province



Resilient assistants will unite to strengthen our collective force to strive for communities to have better comprehensive preparedness, response and recovery for their wellbeing

Main Goal:

V-LEAD is community-led for disasteradvocacy and building the community resilience to vulnerable population and marginalized groups who at risk and affected by disaster and climates changed impact in Lao PDR The main priorities area.

1 Increasing locally and community-led actions to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters

2 improving humanitarian care support, health and agriculture diversities for people affected by disaster and climate change impact

3. Strengthened disaster preparedness and response local coordination mechanism.

partnership and community knowledge exchange Office Address: 06 Unit, Ban Nabo, Thakek district,and official registered as not profit association with decree 238/Govt. 2012 Khammuan province

Target Group:

V-LEAD targeted to work with vulnerable population who living at risk and affected by disaster including people with disability, elders, children and women including ethnic group.

  • Environment
  • Labour, Disability & Social Protection
Priority Areas: 
  • Khammouane