Lao CSO Platform

Hi, my name is Khamkieng Singaenkham, and I come from Kokngiew village, in Luang Prabang Province. Before enrolling in the program, I was just another unemployed young man, struggling to make ends meet. This was a problem not just for myself, but for society as a whole.

Determined to turn things around, I decided to pursue further education and gain the skills necessary to build a career. Luckily, I discovered a program (under CiSAC Project) that not only covered my tuition fees but also provided study materials, accommodation, and even fuel for transportation.

I gained a lot of knowledge about electricity through the course I took. It covered a range of topics, such as electrical panel installation, electrical wiring, fan installation, and electrical inspections.

After finishing my studies, my goal is to secure a job in either the public or private sector in order to establish financial stability. Additionally, I plan on taking up side work to assist families who require assistance with, for instance, light installations and electrical inspections.