Lao CSO Platform

My name is Ms. Avonchit from Nasangvery village in Luang Prabang Province. I had no experience or income prior to deciding to study cooking, so I chose to pursue a culinary course in the hopes that it would lead to a decent profession.

During my studies, I learned both the theoretical and practical sides of cooking, with a particular focus on traditional Lao recipes such as sweets from cassava & soybeans, bean cake, steamed layer cake, larb (Lao meat salad), soup, curry soup, grilled dishes, rice noddle, pho, sausages, etc. I found the course to be exciting and rewarding. In addition to my studies, I also had the opportunity to apply my skills in real-world situations, such as at weddings, banquets, and the Hmong’s new year festival (Nor Pe Chao).

After I graduate, I plan to make a living by leveraging my experience as a chef’s assistant in hotels and restaurants. I hope to be able to utilize my skills to create delicious dishes that will satisfy and delight customers. I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life and I’m confident my culinary knowledge will serve me well!