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Finance & Administration 

ສະມາຄົມພັດທະນາເດັກ ແລະ ໄວໜຸ່ມດ້ອຍໂອກາດ ມີຄວາມຕ້ອງການ ພະນັກງານ ມາຮ່ວມງານດ້ານການ ຄຸ້ມຄອງບໍລິຫານຫ້ອງການ ແລະ ການເງິນຂອງອົງກອນ 1 ຕໍ່າແໜ່ງ ເຊິ່ງກຳນົດບົດບາດໜ້າທີ່ດັ່ງລຸ່ມນີ້ The Disadvantaged Children and Youth Development Association (DCYA) is seeking Finance & Administration Manager. This position involves the following duties and responsibilities. 1. ຮັບຜິດຊອບຄຸ້ມຄອງບັນຊີ ແລະ ຄຸ້ມຄອງການເງິນໂຄງການ ແລະ ຄັງເງິນລວມຂອງສະມາຄົມ Responsible to manage the budget of the projects and of the association budget 2. ສະຫລຸບບັນຊີປະຈຳ ເດືອນ, […]

Agricultural Development and Social Assistance Association (ADSA)

Agricultural Development and Social Assistance Association (ADSA) Mission: ADSA is dedicated to fostering sustainable agriculture and generating employment opportunities within our community. We align with the policies of the government and our political party, ensuring that all segments of society can participate in implementing socio-economic development plans, enhancing food security, promoting responsible trade practices, and […]

Rural development of livelihoods Asociation

Vision: Contribute to fostering happiness within society through the enhancement of community well-being, encompassing a high quality of life, access to quality education, robust healthcare, and equal opportunities. This mission centers around the principles of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship, as well as the promotion of healthy nutrition. Our primary objective is to elevate the […]

Join Moral Foundation

Main Goal: 1. Healthy Promotion Center for healing by nutrition from natural. 2. Moral and Cultural Promotion Center for training of courtesy, ethics, life goal, life skills, gender equality and human right. 3. Profession Center for training the professions to who disadvantaged. 4. Media Center for disseminate the history of Lao leaders / Heroes and […]

Aid and Development Foundation

Foundation Vision: To participate in development country according to Lao social and economic development strategy without expecting a profit to encourage Loo people release from the poverty. Main Goal: Encourage unprivileged people in the rural area to get better life Year of establishment: 31 December 2020  Target Group: flood victim, fire victim, storm victim, miserable […]

Cheuang Sombounkhan Foundation

Vision: Lao youth growing with intelligence and competence. Main Goal: Help develop public speaking and written skills, to be able to voice opinions atmatter Year of establishment: 21 January 2015 Target Group: Students from upper secondary school to university levels

Progressive Lao Women Foundation For Social Support Development

vision: Operates in line with government’s policy, National Socio-Economic Development Plan, Government’s regulations, and our own policy. Coordinate with ministries, ministry-equivalent organizations, district and provincial level offices, and others related to plan and implement its own plan, reports progress (achievements, income and expenses records, future plans) to the Ministry of Home Affairs and other related […]

Foundation Phatthana Phasouk (FPP)

Vision Developing the Phasouk Development Foundation to build strong, reliable and dependable society, both domestic and foreign, to fulfill the mission and to develop disadvantaged individuals and communities. Main Goal Developing the Phasouk Development Foundation to build strong,reliable and dependable society, both domestic and foreign, to fulfill the mission and to develop disadvantaged individuals and […]


Vision Empowering vulnerable children and women from human trafficking to achieve the goal of equalizing economic development and simultaneously conserving and harnessing Lao natural resources. Main Goal To combat, prevent human trafficking and sexual exploitation, help Left children and women at risk of labor / sexual exploitation and disadvantages Improve and develop capacity in the […]