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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Step into the world of AI with this free Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course. Get familiar with the basics of AI, NLP, and computer vision and comprehend neural networks and deep neural networks in detail. What you learn in Introduction to Artificial Intelligence ? Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Neural networks Basics of Natural Language Processing […]

Free Masters In Digital Marketing & Business

Free Masters In Digital Marketing & Business Go from beginner to expert. Our highly practical master’s program will turn you into a digital marketing professional capable of: ✔️ Starting and running your own online business ✔️ Getting the digital marketing job you want. And you can have it all for free More information

Inclusive communication module

This video training will support you to develop communication or programme materials that include children with disabilities and are able to be accessed by people with disabilities. Based on the Disability Orientation, the Inclusive Communication Module is dynamic and engaging. The content is divided into three chapters of 15-20 minutes each, and contains examples from over 30 country offices. Upon completion of […]