Lao CSO Platform

Agricultural Development and Social Assistance Association (ADSA)

Agricultural Development and Social Assistance Association (ADSA) Mission: ADSA is dedicated to fostering sustainable agriculture and generating employment opportunities within our community. We align with the policies of the government and our political party, ensuring that all segments of society can participate in implementing socio-economic development plans, enhancing food security, promoting responsible trade practices, and […]

Join Moral Foundation

Main Goal: 1. Healthy Promotion Center for healing by nutrition from natural. 2. Moral and Cultural Promotion Center for training of courtesy, ethics, life goal, life skills, gender equality and human right. 3. Profession Center for training the professions to who disadvantaged. 4. Media Center for disseminate the history of Lao leaders / Heroes and […]

Cheuang Sombounkhan Foundation

Vision: Lao youth growing with intelligence and competence. Main Goal: Help develop public speaking and written skills, to be able to voice opinions atmatter Year of establishment: 21 January 2015 Target Group: Students from upper secondary school to university levels

Young Entreprenurs Association of Bokeo Province

Vision: Equip young entrepreneurs as a force to drive socio-economic growth Main Goal: Young Entrepreneur Association of Bokeo was established to gather the unity of the business sector to help each other develop the economy and society, create opportunities for business networks, to strengthen and promote young entrepreneurs, to encourage entrepreneurs to develop and create […]

Promotion Family Health Association- Bokeo Province

Vision: PFHA BK as a leading organization in the field of family health, we want to ensures that the people in the province receive up to date and accurate information through creative methods as well as promoting the provision of reproductive health services for everyone in the society to be healthy, children are supported and […]

Sustainable Asa Mobilizing Development Association

Vision: SAMDA wish to support vulnerable communities for better life in contributing social and gender equity based multi-ethnic valued cultures Main Goal: -To support both government sectors andtarget remote rural poor communities -To have rural poor communities have opportunities for learning sustainable economic development approaches in line with natural resources and environment conservation, food and […]

Progressive Lao Women Foundation For Social Support Development

vision: Operates in line with government’s policy, National Socio-Economic Development Plan, Government’s regulations, and our own policy. Coordinate with ministries, ministry-equivalent organizations, district and provincial level offices, and others related to plan and implement its own plan, reports progress (achievements, income and expenses records, future plans) to the Ministry of Home Affairs and other related […]